"We try to design the developmental programmes with scalable and cost effective manner. We believe in success of the programme with effective involvement of the beneficiary and other stake holders. Sustainability of the programmes are depending on cost sharing and ownership feeling among the stake holders, cash and kind contribution of the beneficiaries and proper post implementation approach.

    -Mr. Ganapati Bhat, Managing Trustee of MANUVIKASA 


    MANUVIKASA is an NGO registered in 2003 and working in Uttara Kannada district and part of Haveri District in Karnataka state. This organization has promoted by group of educated youths interested in development sector and engaged in different walks of life. MANUVIKASA is working in the area of education support to the poor, orphan and semi orphan children, conservation of natural resources, water conservation, women empowerment and livelihood development of the poor. 

    MANUVIKASA has developed 2200 small water tanks and farm pond with the support of Deshpande Foundation, UNDP SGP GEF and supported 3500 farmers. These water harvesting structures are harvesting 1100 million liters of water every year. MANUVIKASA has developed more than 10000 small water harvesting pits with the support of TRDC and interested farmers. This organization has also transferring the technology of Sustainable Rice Intensification (SRI) to the farmers to improve the crop yield and covered 1500 farmers. 

    MANUVIKASA is working on bio diversity conservation and protecting Betta Lands (Leafy Forests) Betta lands are forest land which is given to community for collection of bark leaves and Non Timber Forest Produces. MANUVIKASA is protecting and conserving these Betta Land with community participation by implementing proper Betta Management Plan. MANUVIKASA has supplied 40000 saplings to the betta users for plant enrichment with economically valuable and IUCN red listed species. MANUVIKASA is promoting Smoke Less Energy Efficient cook stoves and Bath Stoves.  So far MANUVIKASA has developed 190 stoves with the support of UNDP GEF SGP and Earth Watch New Delhi. 

    MANUVIKASA is supporting poor and orphan children through providing kits and scholarships to ensure their regular attendance in the school. These kits contains learning materials and basic necessary materials including bed spread items, toiletry items, umbrella, shoes and other required items. MANUVIKASA has covered 1600 children as of know. 

    MANUVIKASA has promoted 1200 Self Help Groups and 1250 Joint Liability Groups and covered 19000 families under self help concept of development. we are providing support to these group members on savings, micro insurance, pension and credit. MANUVIKASA is supporting women entrepreneurs and small farmers through credit, marketing and technical support.

    Legal Name of the organizationMANUVIKASA
    Year of organization creation2002
    Year of organization registration2003
    Type of registrationTrust
    Registration details171/03-04
    Date: 16.04.2003
    Jurisdiction of the organizationAll India
    Section 12(A)F. No. 118/612/CIT-HBL/2005-06
    Permanent Account No (Pan)AABTM4625L
    Section 80GF. No. 118/612/AABTM4625L/CIT-HBL 2009-10
    Credibility Alliancemembership No000964KA11
    Guide star India membership No983
    FCRA registration number94600075
    National Planning commission VO/NGO unique IDKA/2009/0009800
    Details of AuditorsUDAYA SHETTY& CO.
    Chartered Accountants
    Branch: II Floor
    Dr. Shivaswami Building
    Devikere, SIRSI
    Sirsi (N.K.) 581 401

    · Any donation to MANUVIKASA is Tax exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act 
    · You can make donation to MANUVIKASA through Give India. Please visit here