 Developed 2130 small water harvesting units or farm ponds and harvesting 840 Million litre of water every year. 
 Provided irrigation facilities to 2600 Hectares of farm land and helped 2550 farmers. Farmers are getting second crop through this irrigation. 
 More than 250 Hectares of horticulture crop benefitted through farm ponds 
 Covered 800 acres of land under System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method. Farmers are getting 30% extra crop production through this effort. 
 Total 1000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) and 1200 Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) are promoted and extended 40 Crores of micro finance to 10000 families for income generation activities. 
 Provided learning materials, basic necessity materials and scholarships to the 1500 poor and orphan children to continue education in the working area. 
 Provided micro insurance for the low income groups covering 2000 families. 
 Developed 150 energy efficient smokeless choolas (Boiling water stoves) 
 Promoted Pragatimitra Farmers Producers Company and Helping 500 needy farmers in the area of input supply, aggregation, processing and marketing

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